KCH Scientific
High quality antibody/antigen to HBV and others
KCH Scientific, founded in 1998, focuses on offering immunoassay raw materials. We provide excellent antibodies and antigens for diagnostic industry and research labs with affordable price for scale up production, especailly in Hepatitis B and Drugs of Abuse.  Distributors are welcome.

Product introduction:

1. The pair of anti-HBsAg monoclonal antibodies for lateral flow test can pick up 1 ng HBsAg (ad) in 10 minutes.

2. The pair of anti-HBeAg monoclonal antibodies is the top one in current market, excellent for EIA, WB, lateral flow and other immunoassays, no cross of HBcAg.

3. High affinity anti-human red blood cell makes it an ideal coagulant for whole blood test

4. High quality and affordable drugs of abuse antibodies are available.  

5. We provide a special control band pair for lateral flow test. This pair will never have non-specific binding to any protein coated on test band.

Free samples will be provided for first time customer
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